Anything Is Possible bottle
Anything Is Possible bottle
Anything Is Possible bottle
Send Wonder
"Anything Is Possible bottle"
Anything Is Possible bottle
Send Wonder bottle
"Anything Is Possible bottle"

The Original and Official "Anything Is Possible" bottle; each one handcrafted by Jamie D. Grant

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The perfect piece of inspirational art for your house, home, or for someone you care about! Inspire them today; give them a gift that will lift their spirits and remind them that, "Anything Is Possible!"



"I have one of Jamie D. Grant's "Anything is Possible"bottles here on my desk, and it continues to inspire me every day."


~  David Blaine



Are you looking for what's referred to as an Eng Bottle or an Impossible Bottle ? Are you looking for a piece of art that will strike up conversations and become a treasured possession?  Are you looking for the sealed deck of cards in a bottle that everyone's been talking about? The one featured in Ripley's Believe It Or Not, the Send Wonder campaign, and as talked about in TEDx Emory; held in Atlanta, Georgia? If so, you're come to the right place!



"Jamie! Your pack of cards in the bottle is spectacular! I am a huge fan of your work and just want to say thank you!!"


~ JJ Abrams



In preparing for my TEDx talk linked above, I was extremely fortunate to connect with Harry Eng's, often called the Godfather of impossible bottles, family. To have their support and for them to provide me with never-seen-before pictures of Harry was such an honor. I can't thank them enough for everything they've done. I hope the "Anything Is Possible bottle" inspires people just as I have been.



"Jamie, keep making magic and performing in the semi-free world!"


~Shepard Fairey



Thanks for taking the time to support myself, my family, and my art. It means the world to me that people come to my site and find something that inspires them, or others, and support my vision.




"Jamie's 'Anything Is Possible' bottles are baffling works of painstaking artistry."


~Derren Brown


The "Anything Is Possible" bottle has been featured in the following press:


 TEDx Emory 



Ripley's Believe It or Not!



MAGIC Magazine


GENII Magazine



Street Magic Magazine



Reel Magic Magazine



The Vancouver Sun



24 Hours Newspaper



The Martha Stewart Show



Urban Rush Show



The Magic Newswire



A short history

When I first made the "Anything Is Possible" bottle, I honestly had no idea how well it would be received. I wanted to make a piece of art that would inspire people every time they looked at it- something that was three-dimensional and that could be placed on a desk, shelf, or table and bring wonder into people's home or office.

Not being a classically trained artist, however, I focused on what I know and love- the art of magic. But the Anything Is Possible bottle isn't a magic trick. I came up with the solution, that I still have kept completely secret to this day, after years of hard work. The deck of cards has gone in through the hole at the top of the milk bottle, the bottle hasn't been altered in any way; but it wasn't placed there by magic. It was set inside with patience, tenacity, and with a deep love for art. I like to think of it as the one secret left in magic that isn't for sale. I hope that it represents the wonder that we've all felt at some time in our lives.

It's priced at $100 because of the hours it takes to make each one and I wanted people (who received one as a gift) to know that someone had spent some time, thought, and effort on them. I thought that I'd sell a few here and there and that maybe I'd make my money back on the hundreds of bottles and decks of cards I had gone through in the creative process....

But then I got into the Ripley's Believe It Or Not book- and the next thing I knew celebrities started buying them. People whose names I recognized started buying them. Astronauts, actors, doctors, magicians, friends, magazines, art dealers, etc. Everyone seemed to want an "Anything Is Possible" bottle. I became the luckiest person in the world.  And so it continues to this day. So if you're looking for a unique gift for someone- even if that someone is yourself, I hope you've found it here. It would be an absolute honor for me to make a piece of art, a piece of wonder, for you and your home.



The "Anything Is Possible" bottle has been honored to have featured decks from the following companies:


























And many more!